Pre-Screening: Prior to & at Time of Your Appointment

  • ALL patients are required to complete the Communicable Disease Prevention pre-screening survey that will be sent by email 36 hours ahead of your appointment. This pre-screening MUST be completed the evening before your appointment, & will automatically load into your patient file for your Practitioner to review ahead of your appointment.
  • A second pre-screening will take place by your Practitioner on arrival for your appointment
  • Any patient who is symptomatic for any communicable disease, including the common cold & flu, &/or does NOT meet pre-screening criteria, will have their appointment cancelled 
    • you will be asked to:
      • leave the clinic
      • contact Public Health at 8-1-1 for testing (where appropriate), &
      • reschedule when it is clinically indicated

Preparing for Your Appointment

  • Please arrive at the clinic no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment
  • Please bring your own mask as it is still currently mandatory for your treatment, regardless of the fact the Province of BC no longer requires masking in public settings as of March 11, 2022. This is because the clinic is considered a healthcare setting, as opposed to a public setting.
  • Please wash your hands on arrival following the guidelines from the BC CDC
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for you to use before, and after, your appointment
    • it will be dispensed directly into your hands by your Practitioner
    • this does NOT replace hand washing procedures


Other Patient Protocols:

  • If you are showing signs & symptoms of communicable disease, you are required to cancel your appointment immediately.
    • you must contact your Practitioner directly to inform them you are sick if this falls within the otherwise required 48 hour cancellation period
    • if your symptoms warrant, you will still need to be tested for COVID-19, & follow Public Health guidelines for isolation.
  • ***If in the last 14 days you have travelled outside of Canada:***
    • you will be able to come for an appointment AFTER 14 days from your return
    • you will need to reschedule any appointments you have booked WITHIN that 14 days from your return to Canada
    • this is REGARDLESS of whether or not you are required to isolate or self-monitor upon return from international travel
    • you will need to contact your practitioner to cancel the appointment if the timeframe is within the otherwise required 48 hours cancellation policy


Physical Distancing

  • Physical distancing is in effect in ALL shared spaces
    • this included the elevator, which allows a maximum of 2 people at any given time
    • please ensure you allow for this timing when arriving for your appointment
  • The waiting area inside the clinic space is reduced to 1 chair
    • if it’s in use by another patient of another practitioner, please ensure you remain 2 metres apart
  • Time between patient appointments has been extended from 15 minutes to 20 minutes to avoid patient overlap
    • increased time between patients will ensure enough time is available for proper cleaning & disinfecting of the treatment room
  • Patients must be unaccompanied to their appointment
    • Exceptions: if the patient is a minor, or is requiring assistance 

Strict Cleaning & Hygiene Procedures

  • Your Practitioner will be following the same hand washing, and hand sanitizing, procedures before & after your appointment
    • these procedures have been outlined above for you, the Patient, under Preparing for Your Appointment
    • hand sanitizer will be available in the treatment room & does NOT replace proper hand washing
  • AVOID touching your face in order to prevent communicable illness from spreading
    • spreading may occur if you have coughed or sneezed into your hands
    • tissues &/or paper towels will be available to use if you need to touch your face
  • Cleaning & disinfecting of high touch areas will take place, at minimum, between each Patient
    • including, but not limited to: doorknobs, treatment table, chairs, stools, pens, & lightswitches
  • Blankets will no longer be provided
    • if you feel you may be cold during treatment, please bring your own to use
  • UV air purifier will be used inside the treatment room
    • these air purifiers have been shown to kill viruses & help clean the air in general
  • Linens will no longer be used on the treatment table
    • the table will be thoroughly cleaned & disinfected between each Patient

Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Patients must bring, & wear, their own mask for treatment
    • if a mask must be provided, a fee of $2 will be applied to your fee for service
  • Your Practitioner will wear a mask during treatment
    • masks are changed between each Patient
  •  Your Practitioner will be wearing designated work scrubs, lab jackets & shoes
    • these will be worn once your Practitioner arrives at work & removed before leaving the clinic at the end of the day
    • lab jackets are changed after every patient.
    • if you see your Practitioner in just her scrubs, you are her last patient of the day
  • Your Practitioner will still be wearing a faceshield, during treatment
    • cleaning & disinfecting with alcohol wipes will take place after each Patient appointment, regardless of whether the faceshield appears soiled